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Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction IS our TOP priority. We promise to have the products customers want at competitive prices in an environment that is friendly, helpful, and enjoyable to shop.


Since 1977 Mr. G's Liquors has offered Noblesville area customers an outstanding selection of beer, spirits and wine. Mr. G's was founded in 1977 by father and sons, Elijah, Wayne and Myron Glover. The store is now owned by Myron and Elijah’s grandson, Bryan Glover making three generations of Glover’s in the business.  Kirk Baird, part of the Mr. G’s team since 1978, is the store manager.

Mr. G’s has called the east side of “Old Noblesville” home from its inception.  The first location at 1969 East Conner Street was a mere 1,000 square feet.  At the time the store seemed quite large.  Wayne, previously a life insurance salesman, was the store manager and Myron worked evenings and weekends while maintaining his day job in the banking industry.  Elijah “Lige” a retired U.S. postal worker was the guiding and stabilizing influence for the new family venture.  Various family members including, cousins and in-laws, could often be found working the cash register, and stocking shelves at Mr. G’s in the early days. 

As Noblesville grew through the 1980’s so did Mr. G’s.  Unable to physically expand at their original location, Wayne and Myron decided to move the store to a retail development a short walk east to 2205 East Conner Street.  The new store offered additional cooler space for cold beer and expanded parking and retail shopping space for a growing customer base.  It proved to be a good move as Noblesville’s commercial and residential growth continued to fuel their business. Through the mid-1990’s Wayne continued to direct the day-to-day business operations while Myron assisted with strategy, technology and financial operations.  

about us 2After nearly twenty years in the business, it came time for Wayne to retire.  It was also a logical time for Myron to transition full time into the business.  It wasn’t long before Mr. G’s had outgrown its space once again.  By early 2000s the time had come to develop a new growth strategy.  

A larger space in the same retail development was available and would be an ideal location for a state-of-the-art beer, wine and spirits shop.  In February 2007, Super Bowl weekend, Mr. G’s moved into their current location.   Coincidentally, the Indianapolis Colts won their first and only Super Bowl the same weekend!  The current retail space boasts 4,500 square feet of gleaming space for beer, spirits and wine.  Mr. G’s has more than 3,500 SKU’s representing beers, spirits and wine from around the world, made by large multi-national producers as well as craft producers.  

Just as it was in 1977, the Glover family is proud to be part of the Noblesville business community!  We are fortunate in the ways that our customers have continued to support us generation after generation.  It is with great pride that we can say how lucky we are to live and work in Noblesville.


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