Daughter’s Wedding

I was referred to Mr. G’s by Matt Rioux, the son of a very close friend of mine. I live in Carmel and Mr. G’s is in Noblesville, but Matt told me that Mr. G’s was the place to go for what we had in mind for my daughter’s wedding. At the time Matt was working in the wine & spirits industry and Mr. G’s was one of his customers. Knowing the Matt was very familiar with the wine & spirits retail landscape in Hamilton County I felt comfortable with his assessment of Mr. G’s. even though I had never shopped there before. A few months before the wedding, my daughter, future son-in-law and I made a visit to Mr. G’s on a Saturday afternoon. I was very impressed with the large selection of beer, wine and spirits they had in the shop. Bryan Glover, one of the owners, patiently went through our list and discussed several options for the wedding party that was to include 250+ guests. Despite the busy nature of the store that day, Bryan was very patient going through our list, determining the quantities to order and offering alternative choices to what we had on our list. By Monday of the next week, I had a fully itemized quote of what we wanted to order. We made a few adjustments and within one week of our initial meeting we had a quote.

Fast forward to the wedding weekend. Mr. G’s delivered everything to the wedding party location as agreed. Once there, the wedding party expressed a preference for beer in bottles rather than cans we had ordered. Problem? No problem, Mr. G’s took the cases of beer cans back to their store in Noblesville and returned within an hour with the cases of cold bottled beer that we preferred. On your daughter’s wedding day it is critical that the details come together just right so that everyone has a great time. I can definitely say, Mr. G’s did its part to make our day a very good day!

Gary McNutt
Happy Father

Todd McKinney Testimonial

Mr. G's Liquor Store is what's good about American small business: owned and operated by three generations of the Glover family that have lived and invested in their community for a very long time. Over many, many years, I have watched Mr. G’s business expand and adapt to the changing demands of a growing and diverse community. Product choices are ever changing which tells me that that the owners and their staff keep up with changing trends in the beer, spirits and wine industry.
I have always found the staff at Mr. G's to be welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. When I walk through the front door, I am greeted warmly and treated like a customer whom they value. I never have to put up with a clerk on their cell phone acting too busy to help me! Personally, I enjoy bourbon and scotch whiskeys. Mr. G’s has an excellent selection of both in all price ranges. It's nice to keep local money in the local, but it's even better when a store appreciates the customer and offers a good product at a good value.
Todd McKinney

Michelle Corrao/Prevail Inc. Annual Gala

The Prevail, Inc. is a not-for-profit that educates and engages the community to prevent crime and abuse while helping restore the lives of those who have been affected. Every summer our organization hosts a gala fundraiser that brings in generous patrons from all over Indiana.  Our annual gala contributes significantly to the revenue we raise each year to keep our critical services available in the community.  The centerpiece of our gala includes a sit-down plated dinner with wine.  For the last three years Mr. G’s has hosted the dinner wine pairing.  We can always count on Mr. G’s to find the perfect red and white wine to serve with our meal.  Not only are the wines perfect, the service we get is always professional and friendly.  Wine samples are provided for us to taste, and we are always kept in the loop regarding the status of our wine donation.   The Mr. G’s tagline “We’ve Got It” has always been true when it comes to our experience with the team at Mr. G's!

Michelle Corrao

Prevail Assistant Director


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